In addition to having been a full-time professor and administrator (Masters of Counseling Psychology at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology in Seattle, WA), I speak and facilitate often at conferences, seminars, and retreats.  I enjoy helping others consider the quality of their relationships as well as how to pursue more satisfying and meaningful lives.  I teach on topics related to soul care, psychology, and spirituality.   I address purpose, relationships, broken lives, pursuit of more fruitful living, faith, spirituality, and the Celtic perspective.  Additionally, I teach about specific topics that focus on the needs of individuals and communities.

I enjoy teaching and facilitating group discussion on a wide variety of topics.  Although not an exhaustive list, examples of topics that I present are:

  • Celtic Spirituality as it guides and establishes spiritual, relational, and personal growth.
  • Who we are, Why are we dissatisfied, How do we fix it
  • Effective Communication within Relationships
  • Pursuit of Purpose and Meaning
  • The Cry of the Human Soul
  • Growing in Relationships (friendships, marriages, committed relationships).
    • Teaching Theoretically
    • Leading Growth Groups
  • Addressing Broken and Painful Lives
  • Raising Children:  When the Owner’s Manuals Fail
  • Relating Effectively with Adolescents
  • Men’s issues
    • Maturing in relationship with your partner
    • Temptations
    • Purpose
    • Addictions
  • Understanding Addictions and Pursuing Recovery
  • Personal and Couple Related Sexual Struggles
  • Strengthening Community
  • Faith in relationship to Culture, Community, and/or Personal Growth
  • Seeking God in all of Life

For current teaching, retreat, seminar, and spiritual direction training opportunities, please visit The Celtic Center.