black-icon-largeThank you for joining me.   I am a licensed psychologist, counselor, and teacher working to help people live more meaningfully through improved lives and relationships.  I work with clients with many different life struggles including anxiety, past and present abuse recovery (sexual, physical, and emotional), addictions, and dissatisfaction in current relationships (click Why Seek Therapy for a more detailed list).  I work with individuals, couples, and groups. In addition to counseling, I am the director and facilitator of The Celtic Center which provides seminars, retreats, and spiritual direction training from a Celtic Christian perspective.    I also offer seminars,  conferences, and retreat leadership addressing matters of relating in a life-giving manner as well as other topics regarding culture, psychology, and theology.  And finally, I provide training for therapy students and fellow therapists.  I feel privileged to help others to consider their lives in a way that leads to greater maturity and satisfying relationships.

The links on this page contain helpful information.  On the blog page called Inklings, you will find quotes, ideas, and writings concerning psychology, theology, spirituality, and poetry, and you may be interested in some of the books, movies, and other resources on the “Culture and Resources” page.  I hope that these thoughts and materials will both affirm your own thoughts as well as expand your considerations regarding purposeful and meaningful life.  Come back often as I will be adding new entries on a regular basis.  Feel free to send any feedback by e-mailing or replying to a post.  You may also want to receive the updates via e-mail or RSS (for newsreaders).  The subscription links are to the right.

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