Landscape of the Soul – Retreat, May 11-13

Hello Friends.

I trust that Winter has provided you times of inner reflection that you needed, and that you’ve found new hope emerging in you as you move toward the renewing energy of Spring.   May God bless you richly in that journey from death back into life.

Several of you joined us for The Celtic Spirit weekend in January for an overview of themes of Celtic Spirituality.   It was a rich and deepening time together indeed.    We hope you’ll consider joining us for the next weekend in May called “Landscape of the Soul“.

Landscape of the Soul” is a weekend of re-membering … who we are and our spiritual place within the geography of Nature.   We will be considering and experiencing the spiritual dimensions of the dialogue between the human soul and the glory of Nature.  The ancient and modern Celtic Christian and pre-Christian perspective locates us in an old and refreshingly new perspective of our human place amongst all “things”.

Modern Western culture seems intent upon seeing Nature as something to be used or conquered, whereas many older religious perspectives and cultures have held that Nature and the Human Soul are an equal and life-giving interplay of God’s revelation into the material world.    “Landscape of the Soul” is an exploration of Self as it is located in Spirit and how we reside in the sacred beauty of the land.   Participants reflect upon and attend to the interrelated landscape around us and in us and deepen connection with Self, Nature, others, and God.  The beauty of nature, through landscape and the Celtic Christian perspective, will be the instigator and frame of the conversation.

Please join us for what is always a meaningful learning experience and a beautiful encounter with Nature at the Whidbey Institute.    Registration is now open for “Landscape of the Soul.”  You can register by clicking here, and if you would like further information then please click on the link below.

Please consider forwarding this invitation to those whom you think may benefit by participating in either The Celtic Center’s overall programs or the May retreat – “Landscape of the Soul“.

With gratitude,
Kirk Webb
and The Celtic Center

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