Tomatoes and the Call to Create

The tomatoes are now staked.  A few fashioned wooden dowels and some thin rope, and now the tomatoes can produce their fruit without either breaking their arms or rotting the fruit.  That’s an interesting phenomenon.  We advanced creatures have fashioned, bred, and manipulated a plant so much that it can’t actually live without us.  I choose to look at that scenario through a dual lens.

On one hand, the tomato plant is one of thousands of examples of human greed and destruction.  In our quest for bigger, better, more, we have created something that fails to sustain itself and has left its original cousin (the natural plant) far behind.  Tragically, most of modern life is the same.  Literal and figurative “plastic” is everywhere killing all that is natural and beautiful.  And I participate.  I am writing this blog entry on a computer cased in plastic.  To not participate is almost impossible.  But we must confess what we are losing every day – beauty and our own participation in what is natural.

On the other hand, the tomato plant allows me to participant in the process of the movement from seed,  to seedling, to plant, to fruit, to death, to decay.  I didn’t create life, but without my participation it wouldn’t move forward.  That’s quite a gift from the One who breathed life into that plant.  It’s as if I’ve been asked to co-create, or at least participate in the creating.  That’s a substantial calling.  And it’s the call upon our lives every moment.  Love, beauty, wonder, mystery, redemption are there for the co-creation.  Participate.